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About us

Everyone agrees that books are essential to the development of children - from a simple introduction to the world around them for toddlers, to books which stretch the minds and imaginations of teenagers, and everything in between. Above all, books should always be a good experience for the child at any age.

However, no matter how committed we are to providing good books for our children, there is always the problem of finding the right books, the ones that will engage them, amuse them, and give them that something extra as they are growing up. The number of children's books published each year has increased enormously, making it even more difficult to find the good books amongst the indifferent. It is exactly this problem that provided the impetus for us to create My School Book Club.

We are a small group of like-minded people (including the founder of the Red House Book Club with over 20 years experience of choosing books for children), concerned about getting good books to children and determined to develop this Club as a centre of excellence for children's books. Only the very best books are carefully chosen for children to enjoy over and over again. We are pleased to have the ongoing support of many well-known authors and illustrators who share our views.

We hope you will find the Club lives up to our aims, and that the books you and your children choose from our selections prove to be everything you had hoped for.