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A genuine commitment - no marketing fluff and nonsense

In recent years most companies and organisations have adopted policies aimed at minimising their impact on the environment. Some are genuine commitments, others more of a green veneer. MySchoolBookClub is all about the next generation - and being more considerate in the way we use resources is central to all that we do. The fact that the club is exclusively online offers us a substantial opportunity: More traditional book clubs and publishers communicate with schools via catalogues. Each year, pallet-loads of glossy literature are transported by road to their customers - and a fraction of these reach and are retained by parents and children. Our main resources are supplied directly to schools for distribution to parents via email for reproduction in their existing communications such as newsletters. Where we do print material it is using the latest waterless ink technology on paper stock that has been certified as coming from sustainable sources, with the FSC mark (Forestry Stewardship Council). We have also chosen not to employ a direct sales force of people visiting schools - preferring teachers and PTAs to recommend us based on our performance. So car journeys are kept to a minimum. Finally, we seek to keep good company with our suppliers - and give preference to those that reflect our own attitudes and goals to constantly reduce our impact on the wider world. So it's not a policy - but actually an ethos.