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My School Book Club has collected a number of articles, some commissioned specially for our club, that discuss many aspects around reading. From how you are helped to choose the right books for different ages to why storytelling is vital for a child's development. We will be adding new articles all the time and you can download to share with friends and family.


How to choose the right age books for children

by the My School Book Club team

The age ranges we give are just indications. Let children themselves decide which books they want - they will then generally enjoy them more. And enjoyment ... Read More

Enriching fun - sharing culturally diverse picture books with children

by Janetta Otter Barry, Editorial Director of Frances Lincoln publishers

Introducing children to stories and pictures reflecting other cultures is a wonderful way to celebrate the multicultural world we live in - whether it's... Read More

Fairy dust - the joys of writing and reading

by Mary Hoffman, bestselling Author of Amazing Grace

"Would you like Enid Blyton's autograph?" he said. I was six, nearly seven, and this rather laid-back man called Mr Waters had taken out my burs... Read More

Books or the 'net? (where children should go for information)

by Peter Usborne, Chairman and Founder of Usborne Books

About ten years ago, internet-mania was properly underway. No one knew quite where it would lead, but it was obviously going to be important. At Usborne Pub... Read More

The art of creating children's books

by graphic author/illustrator Marcia Williams, author of Archie's War

Just when I think that I'm starting to understand a little bit more about the art of creating children's books... I'm reminded that I know nothi... Read More

Why storytelling is so important

by David Fickling, founder of the DFC comic and David Fickling Books, Editor of Philip Pullman and Trustee of the Storytelling Museum, Oxford

Sometimes we forget why we learn to read. Learning to read is not easy for most of us. As a child there seem to be so many better things we could be doing wit... Read More

Reading Ages and their significance

Franciska Bayliss, Principal of Teddington Tutorial Academy

A Reading Age gives us an idea about whether a girl or boy's reading ability is developing in line with their chronological age group. For example, at s... Read More

Reading to children

It's quite normal for parents never to read stories to children, or to read just occasionally, or only to read to them until the children themselves can read. Read More

In praise of the graphic novel

Lizzie Spratt, Senior Commissioning Editor, Walker Books

I haven't always read comics or graphic novels. In fact I would even go as far as to say I used to avoid them. I always thought they weren't for me.... Read More

Turning reluctant readers into book-lovers

by Barrington Stoke

Barrington Stoke publish books for reluctant, struggling and dyslexic readers. We never stop focusing on our readers, finding ways to make our books more a... Read More

How new words are formed and added to the dictionary.


The English language is flexible, adaptive, and constantly evolving, and new words and phrases are coined each day. These new words (or neologisms) appear f... Read More

The Other Side of Reading

By Kate Jones, ex-teacher and Founder of the writing magazine

Here you are on the myschoolbookclub site, so you must believe in introducing children to books and then books to children. Somewhere along the line you lea... Read More