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Imagine You're A Pirate!

Imagine You're A Pirate! Show Insides


You'll walk the plank if you don't buy this! Ages 6 upwards. Some pirates are big and strong, some are tall and thin and cunning. But all of them are very, very wicked!

Why Buy?

If you want to be a pirate, here's how - a hat, a spotty hanky, black boots, a squawking parrot, a treasure map... and this book, of course.

RRP £4.99 - You save £4.00

Club Price £0.99

  • Author
  • Meg Clibbon
  • Publisher
  • Zero To Ten
  • Year
  • 2001
  • Format
  • Paperback. 30 full-colour pages.
  • Illustrator
  • Lucy Clibbon
Meet the Author