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The Worst Children's Jobs in History

The Worst Children's Jobs in History Show Insides


Tony Robinson tells you about all the really rotten jobs children have at to do throughout history - not just weekend jobs to earn enough to buy a comic or a bag of sweets, but all-day-long, no holidays, jobs working for drunken gangmasters, cleaning piles of smelly boots in posh Edwardian mansions or being a gong-scourer - being lowered into cess-pits to scoop out the mess.

A book that really makes you glad to be born NOW rather than in the past.

Why buy?

Tony Robinson makes history RIVETING. Brilliant to read, with stories you can tell to make people squirm. Excellent value.

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  • Publisher
  • Macmillan
  • ISBN
  • 978 0 330 44286 2